Starting Linedance


Section 1: Side Drag, Behind, Side,Cross, Side Rock, Cross Shuffle
RF:Side Slide LF:Behind-Side-Cross
RF:Side Rock RF:Shuff-le-Cross

Section 2: Step Back 1/4 Turn R, Step Side 1/4 Turn R, diag. Shuffle FWD, Step, Hitch, Coaster Step
LF:Drehn1/4r Drehn1/4r LRL:Shuff-le-vor 
RF:Schritt (7:30) LF:Hitch Coas-ter-step

Section 3: Rocking Chair, Rock Step, Full Turn Back R (komplett 7:30)
RF:Rock Step Rock Back 
RF:Drehn1/2r Drehn1/2r
Section 4: Shuffle 1/2 Turn R, Side Rock, Cross, Hold, Side Behind, Step 1/4 Turn
RLR:Shuff-le-halbe1/2r (1:30) LF:Side Rock1/8r (3:00) 
LF:Cross (Hold)  RF:Grape-Vine Rechts1/4r (6:00)

Section 5: Rock Step, Coaster Step, Rock Step, Shuffle Turn 1/2 R
LF:Rock Step LF:Coas-ter-step 
RF:Rock Step 1/2rRLR:Shuff-le-vor (12:00)

Section 6: Step Back 1/2 Turn R, Back, Coaster Cross, Kick,Ball,Cross 2x
LF:Back1/2r (6:00) RF:Back LF:Coas-ter-Cross 
RF:Kick-Ball-Cross RF:Kick-Ball-Cross

Section 7: Side, Sweep 1/2 L, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock, Cross, Side Rock
RF:Seite LF:Sweep1/2rl LF:Behind-Side-Cross 
RF:Side Rock Cross LF Side..

Section 8: Recover, Cross, Step 1/4 L Back, Step 1/4 L Side, Step 1/8 L FWD, Kick, Back, Step 1/8 R Side , Cross
..Rock Cross RF:Schritt1/4l Schritt1/4l (6:00) 
Schritt1/8l (4:30) Kick LF:Coas-ter1/8r-Cross (6:00)

Ending: Dance to count 18: RF Rock Step, 3/8 turn to front stomping RF forward